Too embarrassing! LGD for transparent OLED screen! Shenzhen Metro uses "transparent TV"



Remember the "transparent TV" that Xiaomi released last week with a price of nearly 50,000 yuan?

Remember the "transparent TV" that Xiaomi released last week with a price of nearly 50,000 yuan?

At that time, before the price was announced at the press conference, Lei Jun frequently said, "This TV is very expensive, just look at it..."

It is such a technology, which appeared on the windows of Shenzhen Metro's newly opened Line 6 and Line 10 today, after a lapse of a week.



It is understood that this black technology solution called "magic screen" also uses the LGD 55-inch transparent OLED touch screen. In addition to providing passengers with weather and related information, it can also provide some external network services. It is even possible to watch videos and visit online stores.


However, this time this super cool technology did not come from Xiaomi. Among them, the technical solution on Line 10 came from the CRRC Qingdao Sifang Vehicle Research Institute.

What information can the "transparent TV" on the car window display?

The "transparent TV" on the window of the Shenzhen subway is more willing to be called "smart car window" by officials.

What information can be displayed on the "Smart Window"?

On-site technicians said that this "smart car window" is mainly used to display train information, platform information, line information, etc.

Specifically, the "smart car window" can display information including train running information, LBS location service information, rail transit transfer information, real-time flight information, road traffic congestion information, weather forecast information, emergency service information, etc.

Such content services seem to be more functional. In fact, this "smart car window" can also "surf the Internet" through the 3G/4G network.

In this case, is it possible to swipe Kuaishou and Douyin on the car window?

On-site technicians said that this type of application can actually be realized technically, but considering the uneven quality of the content of this type of APP, some of the content should not be displayed in public, and it has not been applied in this "smart car window".

We normally release the websites and APPs requested by the owners. For example, in the trial operation of Shenzhen Metro Line 10, you can access Shenzhen News Network and Shenzhen Metro APP on the "Smart Window". The input field is blocked.

Obviously, the focus of smart windows is to combine the windows with the display screen to achieve transparent display, and other functions are now just icing on the cake.

However, on-site technicians also revealed that this large screen actually still has a lot of room for imagination, including in-vehicle news broadcasting, video content, convenient entertainment, etc., which may be realized in the future.

What is currently under consideration is the location-based service push-to a certain subway station, timely push the food information and scenic spot information of the subway station.


Just imagine, as a tourist passing through this place, when you see the food and attractions information near the station from the subway window, you can no longer consider the travel strategy backed up on your mobile phone. Perhaps, this kind of travel is called It's a trip that says walk away.