Huizhou Yidu High-tech New Materials Co., Ltd. Recruitment

Foreign Trade Commissioner (1) Require: Gender: Any Age: 23-35 years old Education: college degree or above (foreign trade English \ e-commerce \ business English \ international trade) Language: Chinese, Japanese, English Salary: 5000-1W 1. Understand the import and export business process, be familiar with the foreign trade export business links, and have good business development capabilities; 2. Have good Japanese and English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, proficient in using various office software; familiar with relevant foreign certification procedures; 3. Good communication, coordination and execution skills. work content 1. Responsible for market and customer analysis; 2. Responsible for the development, sales and maintenance of the company's products in overseas markets, and establish and improve customer files; 3. Responsible for the related work of product import and export: including export order tracking, documentation, logistics, and various work involved in the documentary; 4. Responsible for the formulation and follow-up of daily business performance indicators; 5. Responsible for the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual sales statistical reports and reports; 6. Responsible for the management of foreign trade sales contracts and other marketing documents; 7. Responsible for exhibition formulation, organization and participation in exhibitions R&D Engineer (2) Require: Gender: Any Age: 23-35 years old (fresh students are welcome) Education: college degree or above Salary: 5500-1W 1. Chemistry/chemical/materials related departments; 2. Strong communication and analysis skills. Work content: 1. Responsible for the research and development of new products and the improvement of original products; 2. Evaluation, testing, import and tracking of new raw materials; 3. Responsible for the control of the production process of new products, analyze and solve abnormal technical problems; 4. Responsible for the technical improvement of existing production equipment and the introduction of new technologies; 5. Responsible for the maintenance and management of laboratory equipment. Workshop Operator (2) Require: Gender: Any Age: 23-45 years old Education: secondary school or above Wages: 1. Hold a health certificate for work, can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a strong sense of responsibility and professional ethics; 2. Obey work management and arrangements, and be able to complete various work tasks. Work content: 1. Proficient in various work requirements and rules and regulations of the workshop, and can strictly implement them; 2. Be proficient in the names and technological processes of various equipment in the workshop, and be able to operate independently.





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